AB’s Honey is a leading Australian honey packing business.

Delivering exceptional quality, reliable supply.

AB’s Honey has over 30 years of commercial experience with clients across multiple industries, ranging in size from sole traders to global organisations. Our goal is for your experience with us to be easy and stress-free.

If you’re looking for bulk honey as an ingredient, want to distribute our brand, or sell under your own private label, we have a wide range of packaging options to suit your business needs. 


Why choose us?

At Australian Beekeeper’s (AB’s) Honey, our focus is on improving your profitability in three ways:

  • Enhancing your product leading to increased sales and improved margins
  • Competitive pricing on exceptional quality ingredients
  • Improved operational efficiency through timely order delivery and reliable, hassle-free service

Our philosophy is simple…

We deal with people and our purpose is to connect people and businesses with the honey they love.

You will receive a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. We have a demonstrated track record of delivering high quality product and positive outcomes for the people we work with.

At AB’s Honey we treat people like people. You will not feel like a number or an interruption to our day when you deal with us. There are no extensive phone menus to navigate, and you will definitely talk to a real person.

We’re a little old fashioned when it comes to service, but our clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you partner with AB’s Honey, you know you will:

  • receive genuine 100% pure Australian honey 
  • receive honey which meets your Product Specification
  • be protected by our HACCP quality control program and Food Safety policies
  • be protected by the fact that we are a small operation with excellent knowledge of our industry and personal relationships with all our major suppliers

Your relationship with AB’s Honey offers:

  • exceptional quality, reliable supply
  • DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time)
  • customised product selection to optimise your outcomes
  • assurance that we work hard to minimise the cost of your honey
  • surety that you will be kept informed with our clear service standards and “No Surprises” policy

Who can benefit?

If your business requires quality honey for your processes; if you appreciate reasonable prices and excellent value; and if you’re looking to deal with a reliable and efficient supplier who will not let you down, you’ll benefit from a relationship with AB’s Honey.

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