If your business requires bulk honey supply Australia has the best and purest raw honey in the world. AB’s Honey has been a commercial honey supplier for over 30 years, supplying the highest quality bulk raw Australian honey and bulk Australian Manuka Honey to businesses in Australia and overseas. Whether your commercial interest lies in buying honey as an ingredient in food manufacturing or skincare, buying honey to wholesale, or buying honey to white label and resell, we can meet your bulk honey supply requirements.

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Meeting your specifications

When you work with us, we carefully match our honey to your specifications so that you can deliver a consistent end product to your market.

  • We meet your specific honey colour requirements on the Pfund honey scale
  • We have the Australian honey variety to match your desired flavour profiles

Choosing the right honey for your business needs

We have featured seven varieties of pure Australian raw honey on this website, and pure Australian certified Manuka Honey in a range of MGO strengths. If you have a preferred variety that is not mentioned below, our extensive supply network of beekeepers in Australia means we can source the variety you want in the quantity you need.

Pure Australian Honey varieties

These honeys are available to you now in bulk containers:

  • Rainforest Honey – a special blend from Australian forests, well balanced for sweetness and flavour
  • Yellow Box Honey – an Australian classic bush honey with a smooth buttery sweetness
  • Ironbark Honey – a mild sweet honey from the open forests of eastern Australia
  • Macadamia Honey – from bees foraging Macadamia orchards; sweet with a mild toffee after-tone
  • Brisbane Local Honey – honey gathered close to our home
  • Tea Tree Honey – a full-bodied coastal honey with a strong flavour and floral richness
  • Leatherwood Honey – a gourmet Tasmanian honey with a floral richness

Pure Australian Manuka Honey

Our pure Australian Manuka Honey is available in a range of strengths including inactive and active MGO 30+ to high strength MGO 900+. Our customers choose AB’s Manuka Honey to white label, resell, export, and use as an ingredient in food and drink manufacturing. Manuka Honey is increasingly popular as a skincare ingredient and for use in veterinary products.

All our Manuka Honey has been independently laboratory tested for methylglyoxal content, meaning you can buy bulk Manuka Honey from us with confidence. A certificate of analysis is supplied at your request.

Honey product specifications

  • Complies with the FSANZ Standard 2.8.2. This product is food: ready to eat, unadulterated, and free from artificial flavourings and additives.
  • Suitable for coeliac, halal, kosher and vegetarian requirements

AB’s Honey bulk supply options

We understand that business needs vary, and that’s why we offer a full range of packaging and bulk honey purchase options.

Bulk honey packaging options for commercial kitchens and the food service industry

Honey in pails for commercial kitchens

Pails are ideal for commercial kitchens, cafes, restaurants, and the food service industry. The wide opening of the honey pail makes it easy to scoop the required quantity of honey for use in recipes or in direct-to-table serving dishes. The 14kg and 27kg pails can be supplied with a tap (also called a gate) installed to allow for honey to be easily poured from the bottom, if required.

We have honey pails for sale sized from 1kg to 27kg.

1kg honey pails

  • MOQ 1 carton
  • 12 pails to a carton
  • 10 cartons to a pallet layer (120 units)
  • 4 layers to a pallet (480 units)

3kg honey pails

  • MOQ 1 carton
  • 3 pails to a carton
  • 12 cartons to a pallet layer (36 units)
  • 6 layers to a pallet (216 units)

14kg honey pails

  • MOQ 1 pail
  • 16 pails to a pallet layer
  • 3 layers to a pallet (48 units)

27kg honey pails

  • MOQ 1 pail (can be filled to 20 or 25kg as required)
  • 16 pails to a pallet layer
  • 2 layers to a pallet (32 units)

Bulk honey in easy-pour containers

Bulk honey in easy pour containers

Our easy-pour containers (also referred to as jerry cans) have a screw-on lid and a top handle for convenient handling. They are an ideal alternative to the smaller pails.

1.5kg pour containers

  • MOQ 1 carton
  • 7 pours to a carton
  • 18 cartons to a pallet layer (126 units)
  • 4 layers to a pallet (504 units)

3kg pour containers

  • MOQ 1 carton
  • 4 pours to a carton
  • 18 cartons to a pallet layer (72 units)
  • 4 layers to a pallet (288 units)


Bulk honey supply for large-scale food manufacturing

Bulk honey container IBC and drums

Large-scale manufacturing requires reliable supply of exceptional quality honey. AB’s Honey is the preferred supplier for many manufacturers across Australia. AB’s Honey is used as an ingredient in cereals and muesli bars, sauces, baked products, skincare and balms, and many other products where a premium honey is required. Buying honey in IBC, unicons, and food-grade steel drums is the right choice for manufacturers.

Bulk honey in drums

Our 200 litre food-grade steel drums have a 300kg honey capacity.

  • MOQ 1 honey drum
  • 4 drums to a pallet

Unicons and IBCs

Unicons and IBCs are filled to 1250kg. Different fill weights are accommodated as required.

  • MOQ 1 IBC/Unicon

Delivery of your bulk honey

We deliver bulk honey across Australia. Cartons and 14kg pails are sent via courier. Pallet lots, drums, IBCs and Unicons are sent via our freight provider, or you can organise your own collection if you prefer.

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