Bulk Gourmet Honey Blends

AB’s Honey is 100% real honey, brought to you from Australian Beekeepers.

Choose one of our gourmet honey blends, or allow AB’s Honey to work with your creativity to produce your own signature gourmet blend.

Our philosophy is simple…

Personal service, reliable supply, exceptional quality.

We can help you choose the honey variety that partners perfectly with your honey blend ingredient.


Ginger in Honey – We’ve carefully blended 100% Australian ginger from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with 100% pure raw honey from New England Tablelands to create this delight. 

Comb in Honey – A slice of honeycomb in the jar is surrounded by raw natural honey. Each jar has a generous piece of raw honeycomb immersed in liquid honey.

Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey – We start with the finest certified bio-dynamic Australian ACV (with Mother) and hand-blend with AB’s high-strength Australian Manuka MGO 800+ and Ironbark Honey for sweetness. 

Cinnamon and Manuka – The spice infused in the AB’s Honey & Cinnamon is Sri Lankan cinnamon (true cinnamon) hand-blended with Australian Manuka and Ironbark Honey. Sri Lankan cinnamon is a premium spice that is known for its medicinal qualities as well as its delicate sweet flavour and spicy aroma. 

Coffee Infused honey – Merlo coffee beans hand blended with pure raw honey from the eastern states of Australia.

Vanilla Infused honey – Natural Madagascan vanilla beans hand blended with pure raw honey from the eastern states of Australia.

You can also turn any of these into honey powder. You could have honey with dry ginger powder, powdered coffee and honey, powdered vanilla honey, or you might want to request or make your own blend like honey bbq powder or honey garlic powder.

Biosecurity rules for Australia

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island, and Kangaroo Island have strict biosecurity restrictions. Honey and bee products are not permitted without meeting quarantine requirements and government approval.

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