Beekeepers Supply 100% Australian Honey

We never compromise on quality, are proudly 100% Australian, and only buy 100% Australian honey.

Are You a Beekeeper Who Wants to Supply Honey?

When you partner with AB’s Honey you become part of our extensive network of Australian beekeepers and their families.

Our philosophy at AB’s Honey is simply to connect people and businesses with the honey they love. We are passionate about continually supporting Australian beekeepers and driving the Australian honey industry.

And speaking of family, as a preferred supplier to AB’s Honey you become a part of our family, with regular industry updates straight to your inbox.

When supplying your 100% Australian Manuka, honey, honeycomb, or beeswax, please note we require: 

  • Honey to be supplied in labelled food grade containers. If you’re supplying IBC’s, lids need to be zip tied.
  • Honey to be clean and free of excessive levels of wax and debris.

Are you ready to sell honey and partner with AB Honey? Simply get in touch with the form on the right.

Partner with AB Honey

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