Wholesale Honey Prices, Benefits & Legal Requirements

Honey is an excellent choice for wholesaling, providing health and market benefits alike. But how can you navigate your honey wholesaling needs with confidence?

By understanding the basics of product wholesaling in Australia, you can prepare yourself for success and get the most value out of the honey you purchase.

What do you need to know before you get started? Here are some of our key honey wholesaling insights!

Understanding Wholesale Honey Benefits

There are so many reasons why wholesale honey is a great idea! Including wholesale honey powder.

Demand for raw honey, including Manuka, is on the rise. The market is growing, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for your business to scale. In the health and wellness industries, honey is becoming a popular natural alternative to processed sugars and sweeteners.

Honey provides a long shelf life with minimal spoilage. This means that you can order bulk supply and continue selling over an extended period without worrying about products that go quickly out of date.

The good news is that you can order honey for wholesale while relying on steady pricing. Working with just one supplier, you’ll have access to a reliable product that looks beyond what’s trending and instead focuses on consistent quality goodness.

Beekeeper inspecting hives and honey harvesting for wholesale

Predicting Wholesale Honey Prices

Wondering about honey wholesale prices?

Honey prices can vary depending on the variety of honey you choose and the quantity of your order. Costs may be influenced by the expenses of the supplier you choose and their local conditions – including natural disasters and weather events that influence the availability of honey products. Market demand can also have an impact.

Remember, cheap prices aren’t always a good thing. A low price tag could indicate that honey is not 100% Australian. Premium raw honey with minimal processing is worth a little extra spend.

Fortunately, at AB’s Honey, we work to keep our Australian wholesale honey prices as consistent and predictable as possible, helping you count on quality and cost-effectiveness.

Knowing the Legal Requirements

When purchasing bulk wholesale honey, it’s important that you understand legal requirements and factors that could influence quality for your business.

Avoiding food fraud and maintaining food safety is critical. As honey suppliers, we focus on guaranteeing a regular, reliable wholesale honey supply that is safe, healthy, and protected from excessive processing.

From a biosecurity perspective, there are a number of requirements you’ll need to comply with. In Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island, and Kangaroo Island, strict restrictions apply. Honey and bee-derivative products must meet quarantine requirements and obtain government approval. In Tasmania, honeycomb cannot be imported, and beeswax must undergo filtration prior to entry.

By working closely with your knowledgeable wholesale honey supplier like AB’s Honey, you can avoid any legal issues and access the honey you need within the law and without any unnecessary headaches.

How AB’s Honey makes packaging simple

For decades, we’ve worked with wholesalers to ensure that you’re receiving the very best honey supply for your needs. We offer honey in flexible quantities, and with flexible ordering schedules.

Honey packaging sizes available for manufacturing procurement

Wholesale Honey Supply – Getting started with AB’s Honey

Trying to choose between wholesale honey suppliers? Choose AB’s Honey!

With over 30 years of industry experience, we offer a flexible honey supply and a responsive business model. We can provide you with last-minute wholesale honey so that your stock levels never drop to zero.

Our honey supply business is full insured and HACCP certified. We are proud to be specialists in Australian-produced, independently laboratory-tested Manuka honey and standard varieties of honey, supplied in bulk.

At AB’s Honey, we can provide retail-ready honey with your label (see AB Honey Label Specifications 2022), or honey in bulk ready for you to pack yourself. You can always rely on our commitment to quality.

Ready to get started with the best wholesale honey Australia has to offer? Contact AB’s Honey today.

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