Bulk Yellow Box Honey

Yellow Box Honey Characteristics

A classic Australian bush honey; smooth and buttery sweetness.

From its light amber colour to its smooth buttery flavour, one taste is all you need to see why Yellow Box Honey is one of Australia’s favourite honeys as an ingredient or for the table.

Yellow Box Honey is:

  • A low GI honey
  • slow to crystallise
  • a true Australian classic
  • popular with food manufacturers 
  • matched beautifully with dairy products
  • also available as raw honey powder

Suitable when I want to…

  • use honey as an ingredient (bulk honey)
  • wholesale honey products
  • white label and resell
  • export honey

Technical information

Product specifications

  • Complies with the FSANZ Standard 2.8.2. This product is food: ready to eat, unadulterated, and free from artificial flavourings and additives.
  • Suitable for coeliac, halal, kosher and vegetarian requirements
  • 100% Australian honey

Yellow Box Honey Packaging Options

We provide a range of packaging options to meet your requirements. Orders can be packed onto pallets in jars, squeeze bottles, easy pours, pails, and steel drums. Honey can also be packed in IBC’s and Unicons.


Squeeze bottles

Easy pours




Biosecurity rules for Australia

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island, and Kangaroo Island have strict biosecurity restrictions. Honey and bee products are not permitted without meeting quarantine requirements and government approval.

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