Quality and food safety

Delivering exceptional quality, reliable supply

We only use 100% Australian honey. Our policy of never importing honey adds another level of food safety and protection for our customers. The risk of food fraud is much higher when products are imported.

Our Food Defence Plan (FDP) is interwoven with our HACCP* program and all our policies and procedures. You could say it’s part of our DNA. Our FDP is designed to protect both us and you, from approval of suppliers through to delivery of our final product.

The basic premise of our FDP is that prevention is always better than cure.


*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Food policies and programs

  • Ethical Trading
  • Allergen Control
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Hygienic Zoning 
  • Control of Operation
  • Crisis Management Policy
  • Food Defence – Incorporating Food Fraud Plan

    Testing and analysis available

    AB’s Honey completes standard refractometer and moisture testing as part of our HACCP program. We also have arrangements with approved independent laboratories to complete additional analysis should you require it.

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