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Certified Strength. Scientifically Proven. 100% Natural. AB’s Manuka Honey is Australia’s and the world’s choice in active ingredients for everything from food manufacturing to beauty and pharmaceutical products. Whether for use in human consumables or animal products, we can assist with your supplies for wholesale Manuka honey, bulk powdered manuka honey and meet your white label needs.

Do you want low strength Manuka as an ingredient to give you a marketing edge? Or medical grade Manuka honey for your therapeutic product? We have the Manuka honey you need. Our reliable supply and stringent quality assurance means you can rely on AB’s Honey for certified strength Manuka honey, fresh from our Australian beekeepers.


New Zealand vs Australian Manuka Honey – What’s the Difference?

None. There is no difference between Australian and New Zealand Manuka honey (also known as active leptospermum honey). The same bees produce the same MGO (methylglyoxal) rich honey from the same plant genus (leptospermum). Australia simply has a whole lot more of the active plants in our natural bushland. I mean, we don’t know, their bees may support the All Blacks, but we’d never hold that against them.


Naturally potent active ingredients, tested and certified

Two components give Manuka honey its unique therapeutic qualities: Methylglyoxal (MGO) and Hydrogen Peroxide. These must be stringently tested for potency and integrity to be classified as authentic Manuka honey. Don’t be fooled, there are plenty of fakes out there. Choosing AB’s Manuka honey means you can be confident that the honey you buy has passed the highest standards.


Can I label my product as having “active ingredients” if I include AB’s Manuka Honey?

AB’s Honey adheres to the strictest independent strength testing and food safe manufacturing laws to ensure that the level of methylglyoxal contained in the product you buy is certified and traceable. We have full membership to AMHA.

Manuka honey can be a highly potent ingredient. AB’s Honey takes no responsibility for the misuse of methylglyoxal containing honey in therapeutic goods.  For more information, please refer to the ACCC.

Buying Manuka as an Ingredient in Food, Pet Products or Cosmetics?

Buying Manuka for White Label Distribution?

Buying Manuka to Wholesale?

The right MGO potency for your product, guaranteed

Our custom service means whatever strength you need, we can provide. Simply talk to us about the optimum potency for your product, and we’ll deliver, reliably. The active strength of Manuka honey is based on levels of MGO present per kilogram. For example, AB’s Manuka Honey MGO 900+ is scientifically tested for MGO content of more than 900mg per kilo. From inactive Manuka to independently verified ultra-high potency Manuka honey, we custom deliver to your needs.


Our most popular bulk Manuka products

Not sure which Manuka honey strength is the right choice? We can meet your needs for every MGO strength. Too hard to choose? Check out our four most popular Manuka honey strengths below.

Our bulk Manuka honey is available in a range of sizes from pails to 1250kg IBC/Unicon containers – we make ordering Manuka honey simple.

MGO 900+ Manuka Honey

Preferred by: pharmaceutical companies, vitamin producers, wound care practitioners, health practitioners, and for use in medicinal skin care products.

  • highest available grade
  • highest antibacterial activity
  • can be used directly on wounds
  • assists with treating Golden Staph infections
  • can treat skin conditions including acne
  • improves dental hygiene
  • exceptional in helping fight the impacts of colds and flu
  • soothes upset stomachs and eases gastroenteritis

MGO 100+ Manuka Honey

Preferred by:  health food providers, restaurants, cafes and juice bars, cough drop producers, health practitioners, and preventative medicine producers.

  • most popular ingredient for food products
  • the perfect boost for health food products
  • give your product the marketing edge with a reputable active ingredient

MGO 500+ Manuka Honey

Preferred by: medicinal skin care producers, producers of medicinal treatment of chronic health conditions, and health care practitioners.

  • high antibacterial, antimicrobial, and nutritional properties
  • ideal for medicinal purposes including healing cuts and scrapes, clearing infections, improving digestion, and boosting the immune system
  • highest strength recommended for long-term internal use

MGO 30+ Manuka Honey

Preferred by: hospitality industry, health food providers, “clean eating” restaurants, cafes and juice bars, hotels, ACAI producers, tea and sauce manufacturers.

  • a delicious, quality honey for everyday use
  • a favourite ingredient in smoothies, Acai Bowls and healthy breakfasts
  • mild enough for safe, everyday use, but independently verified for containing active ingredients

Leading Suppliers of Australian Manuka Honey

Choose AB’s Honey for reliable bulk supply of the finest wholesale Australian Manuka honey, delivered with the kind of friendly customer service that some might call old-fashioned. We always go the extra mile and never compromise on quality.

For your peace of mind, our Manuka honey is:

  • COMPLIANT: with the FSANZ Standard 2.8.2. This product is food: ready to eat, unadulterated, and free from artificial flavourings and additives
  • AUTHENTIC: we supply 100% Australian Manuka honey, no inferior blends, substitutions, or food fraud ever
  • QUALITY ASSURED: independent MGO analysis testing conducted on each batch
  • VERSATILE: suitable for coeliac, halal, kosher, and vegetarian requirements
  • RELIABLE: we guarantee continuity of supply – and in the unlikely event that this should change, our timely communication means there are no unwanted surprises for our customers.

Discover why customers choose AB’s Honey for the bulk supply of exceptional Australian Manuka honey. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Technical information

Product specifications

  • Complies with the FSANZ Standard 2.8.2. This product is food: ready to eat, unadulterated, and free from artificial flavourings and additives.
  • Suitable for coeliac, halal, kosher and vegetarian requirements
  • 100% Australian Manuka honey
  • Independent MGO Analysis testing on each batch

Product variations

  • Wholesale Manuka Honey available in strengths from MGO 30+ all the way through to the highest strength MGO 900+

Manuka Honey Packaging Options

We provide a range of packaging options to meet your requirements.





Biosecurity rules for Australia

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island, and Kangaroo Island have strict biosecurity restrictions. Honey and bee products are not permitted without meeting quarantine requirements and government approval.

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