Manuka Honey

Australian Manuka honey is one of the most sought-after honey varieties in the world and is known for its health and immunity boosting qualities. AB’s Honey is a leading supplier of Australian Manuka honey in Australia and internationally. 

Wholesale Manuka Honey available to you as an ingredient for food or cosmetics, to white label, or for distribution in our own retail ready label.

Manuka Honey characteristics

Australian Manuka honey is produced by bees that pollinate Manuka plants (Leptospermum genus) found throughout Australia. Two components make Manuka honey special. The first is MGO (methylglyoxal), which is unique to certain species of the genus. The second is hydrogen peroxide, which tends to be present at much higher levels in Manuka honey than in most other honey varieties.

Colour will range between medium amber through to dark amber. It has a rich earthy taste and thicker consistency.

Technical information

Product specifications

  • Complies with the FSANZ Standard 2.8.2. This product is food: ready to eat, unadulterated, and free from artificial flavourings and additives.
  • Suitable for coeliac, halal, kosher and vegetarian requirements
  • 100% Australian Manuka honey
  • Independent MGO Analysis testing on each batch

Product variations

  • Wholesale Manuka Honey available in strengths from MGO 30+ all the way through to the highest strength MGO 900+

Biosecurity rules for Australia

Western Australia, Northern Territory, Norfolk Island, and Kangaroo Island have strict biosecurity restrictions. Honey and bee products are not permitted without meeting quarantine requirements and government approval.

Packaging options

We provide a range of packaging options to meet your requirements.





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