Manuka honey, whether you use it as an ingredient, resell it, or white label and export it, is a premium product. If you are looking for where to buy bulk Manuka honey in Australia, it’s important to choose a reputable supplier.

A reputable Manuka honey supplier will guarantee the potency of the product and be able to provide a Certificate of Analysis detailing the all-important methylglyoxal content. They will meet your requirements for MGO strength, offer a range of bulk and retail-ready packaging options, and guarantee continuity of supply. If you are seeking where to buy Manuka honey, the answer is, from us! This article explains why.

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What makes honey “Manuka Honey”?

Honeybees make Manuka honey in just the same way they make regular honey. The bees gather nectar from flowers and transform that nectar into honey within the hive. The difference with Manuka honey is in the nectar itself.

Manuka honey is made from the flowers of the manuka bush, a hardy Australian native species found across much of Australia. Australia has over 80 species of manuka plant, scientifically known as the Leptospermum genus. Manuka honey has long been known for its health and healing benefits, but it was research was carried out in the 1980s that identified the components that make Manuka honey special.

Ongoing research has identified 12 species of Leptospermum that have the requisite bioactive properties to create active Manuka honey. The bioactive species of Leptospermum naturally produce dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is present in the nectar. The DHA transforms over time into methylglyoxal (MGO), and it’s the MGO content that we look for in active Manuka honey.

To produce active Manuka honey, beehives must be located close to a plentiful supply of the right species of manuka plant to ensure a good concentration of DHA. Laboratory testing is required for every batch to determine the levels of MGO present. The work of thousands of honeybees and skilled beekeepers goes into every batch of pure Manuka honey. This is why Manuka honey is more expensive than regular honey.

Australian Manuka Honey – the real deal

AB’s Manuka Honey is 100% pure Australian. It has a rich earthy taste, thicker consistency than regular honey, and a colour that ranges from medium amber to dark amber.

Methylglyoxal forms naturally in honey produced from the right manuka nectar. The amount of MGO present can only be determined through laboratory testing. To be considered “active”, Manuka honey needs to have a minimum MGO level of 30mg per kilogram; MGO 30+.

Every Manuka honey batch at AB’s Honey is independently laboratory tested in an Australian Manuka Honey Association approved laboratory for methylglyoxal and DHA content.

AB’s Honey can meet your MGO requirements to ensure the Manuka honey you receive is perfect for its intended purpose. When you buy wholesale bulk Manuka honey from AB’s Honey, including manuka honey powder. A certificate of analysis can be provided upon request.

The best place to buy bulk Manuka honey

AB’s Honey has serviced the bulk Manuka honey market for over 15 years. We have a reputation for guaranteeing a reliable supply of exceptional quality Australian Manuka honey to businesses in Australia and overseas. We supply Manuka honey in retail-ready jars by carton lots, and in 14kg and 27kg pails, 300kg drums, and 1250kg IBCs for bulk applications.

AB’s Honey can supply bulk Manuka honey for:

Use as an ingredient in manufacturing food, veterinary products, and beauty products

Consumers are increasingly aware of the health and healing benefits of active Manuka honey. Listing Australian Manuka honey as an ingredient has great appeal to anyone looking for healthier alternatives to processed sugar in the foods they buy.

Vets and veterinary product manufacturers recognise the benefits of Manuka honey. It is used on its own, as part of a domestic animal’s healthy diet, and as an ingredient in topical wound applications and medicinal treatments.

Manuka honey is also increasingly popular as an ingredient in skincare products and toiletries, including moisturisers, serums, shampoos, and soaps. Our blog can tell you more about private label Manuka Honey for skincare products.

Use in the food service industry

Manuka honey is a premium product. Its rich unique flavour makes it a perfect addition to healthy breakfast bowls and direct-to-table recipes.


AB’s Honey supplies Manuka honey in retail-ready packaging for reselling under our own quality label. The AB’s Honey retail-ready label has 250g, 500g, and 1kg jars in four MGO strengths; MGO 30+, MGO 100+, MGO 500+, and MGO 900+.

Private label

Manuka honey is a high-demand product, sought for its everyday health benefits and medicinal properties. We can apply your private label to our jars for sale under your brand in a range of MGO strengths to suit your market.

Are you looking to export Manuka honey? There is worldwide demand for quality pure Australian Manuka honey. If you are looking to export Manuka honey, we can package, label, and cartonise to meet your bulk quantity requirements.

Where to buy bulk Manuka honey

When seeking where to buy bulk Manuka Honey, make AB’s Honey your preferred provider for:

  • reliable supply of exceptional quality honey
  • guaranteed MGO content, from active MGO 30+ to highly active levels over MGO 900+
  • private label Manuka honey for retail and export
  • a full range of packaging options, from jars to IBCs
  • a 100% Australian product from a 100% Australian business.

The AB’s Honey difference

As a reputable Manuka honey supplier, we offer you the assurance that you will:

  • receive genuine 100% pure Australian Manuka honey
  • be protected by our HACCP quality control program and Food Safety policies
  • receive delivery in full and on time (DIFOT)
  • have the benefit of our industry knowledge and expertise

AB’s Honey is a member of the Australian Manuka Honey Association.

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