As consumers and manufacturers move away from sugar as the sole sweetener in baking, there is an increased demand for Australian bulk commercial honey for bakeries and baked goods manufacturers.

With over 30 years experience in supplying exceptional quality, 100% Australian raw honey, and dehydrated honey powder. AB’s Honey can guarantee supply for small or large orders for your bakery.

The Benefits of Honey in Baking

In addition to the obvious sweetening that honey offers in baking, there are several benefits to swapping out sugar for the natural honey alternative.

Less honey is needed than sugar to achieve the same sweetening effect, so it can help with your bottom line.

Honey contains natural nutritional benefits not found in sugar and can be used in products from bread, biscuits, cakes, slices, and even pies. There is no limit to the possibilities.

As honey caramelises during baking, it provides a richer colour and fuller flavour to your baked products. Honey also works well as a binding agent.

The flavour varieties of honey provide more options than sugar and reduce the need to add artificial ingredients.

Quality 100% Australian Honey for your Bakery

Purchasing 100% Australian bulk honey from AB’s Honey for your baking means that you are receiving the highest quality product available. Avoid cheap imports or blended options that could compromise the quality of your product. 100% Australian honey keeps your ingredient list short, and your product quality high.

Guaranteed supply to avoid disruption to your bakery

You don’t need the headache of supply issues or disruptions to your baking schedule. We guarantee a consistent, on-time, as-ordered supply of 100% Pure Australian honey. You will no longer have to order more than you need, just in case your supplier runs out, which means better cash flow, less storage and greater efficiency in your operations.

The quantity of quality honey you need for your bakery, exactly when you need it.

AB’s Honey offers a wide range of packaging options for bulk honey for bakeries and baked goods manufacturers. These range from pails through to IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), so you can access the exact quantity you need and have the freshest honey available to create exceptional quality baked goods.

Packaging honey for bakeries

A Range of 100% Australian Honey Varieties

We offer a huge range of honey varieties and have the expertise and knowledge to help you select the variety best suited to your recipe and baked products. No matter your desired flavour profile, there is a product that will enhance the flavour of your baked goods.

rainforest honey to be used as a sweetener in baked goodsRainforest Honey

If you are looking for an all round honey as an ingredient for your baking, Rainforest honey is a medium amber colour and has a well balanced flavour for sweetness. This honey is very popular with all types of bakery products, cereals and drink manufacturers.

Ironbark honey to be used as a sweetener in baked goodsIronbark Honey

With a mild flavour and light amber colour, Ironbark honey will add sweetness to your baking while keeping the flavour of your finished baked product. It is a fabulous, versatile all-rounder for your baking needs. Ironbark also works well with dairy and drink manufacturing.

Macadamia Honey

The pale amber colour and slightly malty, nutty flavour make Macadamia Honey the perfect ingredient for biscuits and sweets, where a subtle flavour is needed.

Experienced Australian Honey Suppliers

For over 30 years AB’s Honey has been working with local bakers and baked goods manufacturers, large and small, to meet their requirements. Our HACCP certified process gives you peace of mind and our experience means we can help you select the variety you need. If there is a particular variety or flavour profile, our team can help you.

Need more information?

Ask our friendly staff about the other varieties available and which packaging options will suit your needs.

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