What is Powdered Honey?

Powdered honey or honey powder is dried/dehydrated, 100% Australian honey in a powdered form that can be used in a wide range of products. The powdered form can provide ease of storage, cut down on freight charges and can solve biosecurity challenges.

Australian Honey Powder can easily blend with dry ingredients, making it ideal for dry mixes such as baking mixes, spice rubs and instant beverages. Powdered honey allows for more precise measurements and consistent flavouring which is particularly beneficial in formulations requiring exact specifications.

In formulations like confectionary or baked goods, moisture control is crucial. Powered honey can contribute to the desired textural outcomes and flavours without adding extra moisture. Honey powder can also be more resistant to heat degradation during the cooking or baking process, preserving its nutritional or functional qualities.

Honey, even in a powdered form has a healthier image and can enhance product appeal, especially if combined with natural or organic messaging.

Some of the most popular uses of honey powder for manufacturing include:

• Tea blends
• Hot and cold RTD beverages
• Spice blends
• Powdered seasonings
• Meat and poultry products
• Pet food
• Cereals
• Muesli bars
• Baked goods

Why Use Powdered Honey?

Bulk honey powder provides a nil wastage alternative to liquid honey and will enhance the flavour of any product.

Powdered honey is a natural sugar that has a lower glycaemic index than traditional white sugar. Consumers are driving demand for manufacturers to use alternatives to refined sugar, cane sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Many of these products are costly compared to honey powder. Honey powder allows the wonderful flavour of honey to be added to products.

Have you been wanting to add the wonderful flavours of honey and distinctive aromatic characteristics to your product and not wanting to add more moisture to your recipe? Powdered honey could be the perfect solution.

Honey powder can be easier to use than liquid honey which is sticky. Powdered honey dissolves evenly when mixed into your product.

The Benefits of Honey Powder

Powdered honey can be stored in various conditions without the risk of fermentation or crystallisation. Dehydrated honey is lighter and less bulky which reduces shipping costs and simplifies handling during transport. The powder form eliminates the messiness and handling difficulties associated with liquid honey, which can make it easier to work with it in a manufacturing setting.

Australian Manuka Powdered Honey Supplier

By adding Manuka Honey powder you are adding a point of difference to your product and increases your product value in the minds of consumers. Australian consumers’ awareness and consumption of Manuka is on the rise. If you are a manufacturer already delivering a product containing honey, tap into the marketing of “contains Manuka honey”.

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