AB’s Honey for Drink Manufacturing

If you want quality alternative products to flavour your beverage and serve as a sweetener for drinks, honey is a great way to boost the quality of your product. Honey offers incredible nutritional value, which you can use to attract a loyal customer base, as it enhances the health characteristics of your product. Provided it is pure raw Australian honey like AB’s Honey. We can also supply dry honey powder if required.

Customers are more discerning than ever, and they often look for beverages with functional inclusions. Honey serves a clear purpose – it sweetens, enhances, and it has health benefits. Its inclusion in a beverage means that artificial ingredients are often not needed. Honey can also help mask any unpleasant flavours or imbalance.

The Right Honey Variety for Drinks Manufacturing

We offer a broad selection of honey variants, so you can always count on finding the flavour you need. We also provide expert advice to help you select the honey for your food product. We’ll help you identify the perfect honey solution!

Here are two examples of honey we supply that are perfect for sweetened drinks.

Rainforest Honey

Rainforest honey is one of the most popular options when it comes to manufacturing and commercial applications. It’s a special blend and it comes exclusively from eastern Australia’s forests. It is a well-balanced honey in terms of flavour and sweetness. It’s an all-rounder that is particularly popular with food and drink manufacturers.

Rainforest Honey to be used as a sweetener in drink manufacturing

Ironbark Honey

Ironbark honey is another popular honey variety that comes directly from eastern Australia’s forests. The difference between it and Rainforest honey is that Ironbark has a smooth, sweet, and mild taste. It is commonly used in the manufacture of drinks, food, and dairy products. It offers a delicate flavour that is perfect for sweetening because it doesn’t alter the flavour of the finished product.

Ironbark Honey as a sweetener for drink manufacturing

If you’re concerned that honey could upset the flavour of your existing beverage, there is no need to worry. One of the reasons it is so popular and versatile in beverages is it blends seamlessly with most recipes. You can also use it as an emulsifier to make a product shelf stable. It’s an effective way to balance strong flavours without becoming a dominant flavour.

The Benefits of Choosing Honey

Long-term studies have found that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners may be dangerous. One study determined that consuming aspartame can lead to mental stress, depression, and mood disorders. Additionally, long-term use impacts the brain and may result in neurodegeneration. This can cause memory issues and impact learning. While further research is required to investigate the extent of these issues, if you’re looking for sugar replacements, your best bet is to swap honey for sugar rather than opt for an artificial sweetener. You can also extoll the health properties of your chosen honey, which adds another layer of marketing to your product.

Smoothies manufactured with honey as a sweetener

Honey is natural, nutritious, and it’s delicious, which makes it a great choice for manufacturing products of all types, especially sweetened drinks. Whether you’re producing a craft soda, a range of smoothies or fruit juice, think honey.

Pleasant-tasting, honey also blends well to sweeten without overwhelming key ingredients. Consumers are doing more to monitor how much sugar and sweetener they consume, which is why many drink manufacturers are taking steps to minimise the presence of those ingredients. Using honey as a sweetening ingredient tells customers they have a healthier option available to them.

Quality and Certification

At AB’s Honey, we are fully insured and HACCP certified. We are specialists in Australian, independently laboratory-tested Manuka and standard varieties of honey, supplied in bulk. We have over 30 years of experience building a reliable and trusted supply chain that always delivers consistently great quality. We even provide high-quality packaging to keep your honey in shape until you’re ready to manufacture.

How You Can Get AB’s Honey

With over three decades providing commercial honey to businesses of all sizes, across industries, we are a reliable, trusted supply network for top-quality honey. We can deliver across Australia, and we also deliver internationally.

Packaging sizes for honey to be used as sweetener for drinks manufacturing

Order & Supply

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of honey supplies and we offer a wide range of size containers, from 3kg pails up to 1250 IBC containers.

We don’t work in contracts – you can order what you need on demand. 

Contact AB’s Honey today to discuss your requirements. We are an Australian honey company supplying bulk raw honey and bulk manuka honey

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