Did you know that honey can be used in all different types of brewing? Whether it’s beer, mead of gin (just to name a few) there is a honey variety to meet every brewing or distilling requirement. From craft brewers to commercial operations, limited edition batches or bulk production, AB’s Honey can help you find the right honey to suit your requirements in a range of packaging options to suit your production needs.

The Benefits of Using Honey as an Ingredient

Adding honey as an ingredient has many benefits including the smooth flavour and wonderful aroma. The unique flavour profile of each honey, including Manuka honey 100% Australian honey, keeps your ingredient list short, and your product quality high.

The main benefits of adding honey to your batch include:
• Honey provides wonderful diversity as an ingredient. With light to dark colour, mild to robust flavours the opportunity to create a unique and marketable product are only limited by your imagination.
• Low water content can help extend the shelf life of your batch
• Honey is a natural way to add sweetness and flavour without resorting to artificial sweeteners or excessive sugar, which gives you great market appeal
• Honey can give a golden hue, a brown or deep amber colour
• Natural fermentable sugars (mainly glucose and fructose) can potentially increase the alcohol content of your batch
• Honey can create the balance of flavours in a brew. It can be used to sweeten gin or beer and offset the bitterness from other ingredients
• Honey can add a depth of flavour profile to the beverage. When it is used in combination with other ingredients like spices it can create a unique flavour.

A Range of 100% Australian Honey Varieties, including Manuka Honey

Our expertise and knowledge will help you select the variety best suited to your brewing requirements. No matter your desired flavour profile, there is a variety that will enhance your brew. Popular options with brewers include Macadamia, Ironbark, Rainforest and Manuka. Leatherwood adds a unique flavour to Gin.

Macadamia Honey

Macadamia honey has a nutty malt flavour and amber colour. This honey is popular with beer and mead makers.

Ironbark Honey

With a mild flavour and light amber colour, Ironbark honey will add the sweetness while not overpowering the flavour of your brew.

Rainforest Honey

Rainforest honey has a well-balance flavour and medium amber colour. This honey is very popular in brewing beer.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey has a slightly more robust taste which will add adds a depth of flavour to your products and can provide that point of difference.

What we offer regarding product and guaranteed supply

100% Pure Australian honey, we keep it nice and simple. We are proud to be specialists in Australian honey. Our knowledge and experience with honey enables us to help you select the variety that will meet your needs. Every batch of our Australian Manuka honey is independently laboratory tested to determine the MGO strength. Our HACCP certification provides you with peace of mind. . . We have a wide range of packaging options available to meet your needs from pails through to bulk containers.
One of great things about purchasing 100% pure Australian honey from AB’s honey is that you are receiving just honey, no blends with cheap imported honey. No risk of food fraud when you purchase from us.

AB’s Honey are Experienced Australian Honey Suppliers

If there is a particular variety or flavour profile you require, our team can help you. For over 30 years AB’s Honey has been working with brewers and distillers large and small Need help selecting a variety?
Need more information? Ask our friendly staff about the other varieties available and which packaging options will suit your needs.

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