Honey has been part of the mead making process going back as far as 20,000 years BC. While the processes have changed, pure raw honey remains one of the key ingredients in mead production.

When selecting honey for your mead production, choosing the right flavour will help to ensure success.

Find the best honey variety for your mead

Selecting the right variety of honey to add to your mead will ensure that the unique flavour profile and sweetness level of your mead is guaranteed. Determine the type of mead you are wanting to produce and select the honey that has the colour and flavour profile to compliment the batch.

The popular flavour profiles of our honey for making mead include:


There are no worries about nut allergies. The bees forage on the nectar of the flower. The macadamia honey has a nutty malt flavour and amber colour.


Will add the sweetness while not overpowering the flavour of mead. Ironbark honey has a nice mild flavour and a light amber colour.


Is the genuine all rounder. The colour and flavour of rainforest honey are well balanced and won’t overpower the batch.

Tea Tree

Is full of flavour and colour. The robust flavour of Tea Tree honey will give the mead a boost.


Will add a point of difference to your batch. Manuka Honey’s distinct flavour will be a hit.

What we offer

AB’s Honey is proud to support Australian beekeepers and when you purchase honey from AB’s Honey
it means that you are receiving the highest quality product available. Because we only buy 100% pure
Australian honey from our trusted suppliers there is no risk of food fraud with cheap imported or blended

Our Manuka honey is independently laboratory tested, so you know you are getting the genuine product.
Our HACCP certification provides you with peace of mind.

For over 30 years AB’s Honey has been working with mead makers, brewers and distillers from boutique to large manufacturers to meet their requirements. We have a range of packaging options to meet the size of your order. We guarantee our product will meet your specification and be delivered on time. Select from the range of varieties available https://abhoney.com.au/australian-raw-honey/

Need more information?

Ask our friendly staff about the other varieties available and which packaging options will suit your needs.

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