You’ve seen the tens of thousands of monthly searches:  Manuka Honey for skincare is in high demand.  You’ve seen Manuka Honey selling for $600+ per kilogram on the major supermarket sites.  Australian Beekeeper’s Honey is the ideal option to add white label manuka honey to your private label skincare collection. 

The demand is growing.  The science is solid.  And AB’s Honey offers the very best of the very best in pure Manuka honey.  For over thirty years, we’ve provided white label honey to resellers like you.  We make it simple: 

  1. Choose the product size.   
  2. Choose your quantity (minimum batch order: 12 jars) 
  3. Choose the active strength (from daily use to targeted topical treatment for skin issues like acne, eczema and dermatitis) 
  4. Send us your label design (get the template here). 
  5. Start selling your own private label Manuka honey  

Manuka also makes a premium addition to your existing product range.  Adding Manuka Honey to the ingredients lists allows for sizable increases in the potential price tag.  Manuka adds scientifically proven active ingredients to your skincare range.  We can supply you Manuka honey in bulk to add to your existing private label skincare range. 

Why add Manuka Honey to your own private label skincare range

Many businesses benefit from producing their own branded skincare range. Online and high street retailers, naturopaths, allied health professionals, boutique stores and salons that service the beauty, skincare, and cosmetics industry can elevate their brand with a private label.  

Manuka Honey offers a high mark-up, long shelf life and a product proven to be in high demand. 

How your brand can benefit from private labelling

Developing your own range of private label skincare enables you to:

  • position yourself as an expert in your field
  • build existing client loyalty
  • expand your client base
  • expand your reach into other markets (online, interstate, international)
  • build your own brand

Targeting your market

This is where a little research comes in. If you are newly starting out, you may have an idea of the products you want to sell and your potential client base. As an existing business, you know your current clientele – do you want to increase their loyalty by offering additional products to them, or move in a new direction?

Identify what your target market wants to buy and align that with how you will position yourself as their preferred supplier. In the natural skincare and cosmetic market, consider:

  • buyers prefer pure and natural products that are hypo-allergenic and safe
  • buyers expect products to perform as expected – does your product contain active ingredients with clinically proven results?
  • are you supporting Australian businesses when sourcing ingredients? – Australian consumers like to know they are supporting Australian made and owned
  • how many products can your business support? – Do you want a broad range of everyday skincare products, or, for example, a focus on private label acne skincare?
  • what price point do you want to be at in the market; premium and exclusive (high profit, lower turnover) or affordable (high turnover, lower margin)?


Developing private label skincare products

How Manuka Honey is a little different to other white label skincare products

White labelling (or private labelling) a range of skincare products means taking a product already on the market and putting your own branding on it to sell.  It means building awareness of the product, creating demand for it.  When you put your branding on a pot of pure Manuka Honey, there’s none of that.  The demand exists.  Your market is already aware of the benefits, you just need to use your good name to sell it. 

How AB’s Honey can (and cannot) help 

AB’s Honey is not a skincare manufacturer.  We’re suppliers of high quality Australian Manuka honey. We don’t provide product research and development or end-product manufacture.  We provide the honey, labelled up with your branding. 

Manuka Honey, your proven stand-out ingredient

Manuka Honey contains active methylglyoxal (MGO), a naturally occurring compound scientifically proven to be fast, safe, and effective in a range of topical skincare applications. Applied topically, Manuka honey is:

AB’s Honey pure raw manuka honey can be safely used as an active ingredient in all private label natural skincare products, including, but not limited to:

  • acne treatments
  • cleansers
  • face masks
  • lip balms
  • hand creams
  • moisturisers
  • serums

Using active Manuka Honey in your natural private label skincare products

We can supply you with 100% pure Australian Manuka Honey in an MGO strength to suit your specifications. Active Manuka Honey begins at MGO 30, with levels up to the highly active and beneficial MGO 900+. With this range of availability, you can set your product price point anywhere from an everyday body moisturiser to an exclusive and premium luxury skin serum.

AB’s Manuka Honey is scientifically proven, laboratory tested, pure and natural, and 100% Australian – and you can put that on your private label!

AB’s Honey – your preferred Australian Manuka Honey supplier

Our experience: AB’s Honey has over 30 years of commercial experience with clients across multiple industries, ranging in size from sole traders to global organisations. Our goal is for your experience with us to be easy and stress-free.

Laboratory tested: Each batch of our pure Australian Manuka Honey is independently laboratory tested to determine the active MGO level. A Certificate of Analysis can be supplied for each purchase as required.

Product availability: We can match your Manuka Honey MGO strength specification to supply you the highest quality product in quantities to meet your requirements. Our extensive network of Australian Beekeepers guarantees continuity of supply.

Packaging options: Manuka Honey can be supplied to you in jars, large pails, steel drums, and IBC/Unicons for small and large production runs.

Small and large orders welcome: You are welcome to test the market with a small batch of your product. Our minimum commercial order quantity is one carton of jars.

Private label Manuka Honey: Manuka Honey is a natural food and complies with FSANZ Standard 2.8.2. It can be applied directly to the skin on its own or enjoyed by the spoonful. If packaging your own private label Manuka Honey appeals to you, AB’s Honey can help with that too.

Australian owned: When it comes to private label skincare Australia wants Australian products. AB’s Honey is 100% Australian-owned and operated, located in Brisbane, Queensland. Our Manuka Honey is 100% Australian, sourced from Australian beekeepers.

Ready to produce your own private label skincare with Manuka Honey?

Gain a premium and luxury edge over your competitors by enhancing your private label skincare and private label acne products with Manuka Honey.

Contact AB’s Honey to buy your pure Australian Manuka Honey. Your enquiry will be answered promptly to help you receive your premium ingredient without delay.

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