Food Fraud – Why buying 100% Australian products reduces the risk of Food Fraud

Food fraud is a global problem and honey regularly appears in the top five products subject to food fraud. It is such a problem that companies have developed policies around protecting themselves from the associated financial and reputational risks. 

Food fraud can occur in many ways including, but not limited, to:

  • Substitution of higher quality Australian honey with cheaper and lesser-quality imported honey
  • Blending Australian honey with lesser-quality imported honey
  • Substitution or blending of premium priced varietal honey with cheaper varieties
  • Substitution for or blending of pure honey with sugar syrups which are both cheaper and of significantly lower nutritional value 

Buying 100% Pure Australian honey reduces the risk of an inferior product, which, well… really just isn’t honey. We don’t import so we don’t compromise on quality.

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