Premium Honey for Manufacturers of Pet Supplies

If you are pet food manufacturers, you know the importance of high-quality reliable ingredients. And it does not get more reliable than AB’s Honey.  We source our premium quality Honey right here in Australia and supply many bulk Manuka honey buying options including bulk Manuka honey powder. We guarantee its quality and the potency of its active ingredients – because we love our pets as much as you do! 


Manuka Honey for Manufacturing in the Animal Industry

We can provide you with a reliable Manuka Honey supply for pet food, pet treats, grooming products, and even medical products.  Manuka Honey’s health promoting and healing powers are undisputed.  Australia’s pets and working animals deserve the very best too, so we ensure only the highest quality and the right advice.  Your brand’s reputation is as important to us as our own. 

Honey for pet food manufacturers

Food & Treats

Manuka Honey is an excellent natural sweetener that comes packed with nutritional and healing benefits.  Your product needs to be as desirable to owners as it is to their fur babies, and a healthy dollop of Manuka ticks every box. Pet owners are passionate people.  They understand quality.  They understand value.  They want the very best for their pets.  We help you deliver the premium product that they need. 

Pet Health Products

Manuka heals.  Manuka Honey delivers 100% proven health benefits, from digestive health to probiotic and anti-pathogen properties.  (Learn more about the active ingredients in Manuka here).  The vet care industry is burgeoning and health promoting “prescription foods” cost up to ten times the cost of supermarket brands.  Manuka honey’s active ingredients give you the healing edge.  Diversify your product range to include products that reduce gut issues, heal hot spots, improve immune systems, ease kennel cough, and promote overall wellbeing.  


Medicinal Care for Farm Animals

According to research from the University of Sydney, Manuka Honey has incredible healing properties and has been effective in treating grazes and wounds in horses and other farm and working animals.  

It is not just that high-strength Manuka Honey has antiseptic, antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal properties. It also has a soothing effect that provides wounds with a protective environment. The unique texture of the honey applied topically seals infected areas, reducing external contaminants, keeping bacterial infections at bay.  In addition to being an excellent spot treatment when applied directly, Manuka Honey is also an excellent oral solution or in treats.  

Dog Shampoo Manufacturers Australia

As with humans, Manuka Honey is an effective ingredient for pet shampoo products. There are a host of benefits to using honey in pet products. Pets commonly experience skin problems, whether it is an infection, allergy or pest, and Manuka Honey is a soothing anti-inflammatory that can reduce itchiness, irritation, and inflammation while giving the skin time to fully heal. It also supports pets’ bodies as they restore their skin cells to keep them healthy.  

Dog bath - honey for pet shampoo manufacturers

Work With Us

We stock a wide range of honey including multiple MGO strengths of Manuka and supply some of Australia’s leading pet care manufacturers. Whether you are pet shampoo manufacturers, pet food suppliers, or a veterinarian product manufacturer, we can reliably deliver your Manuka – from small orders to very, very large.  We’ve proudly played a part in the growth of many of Australia’s emerging manufacturers and supply many of the Australian household names you enjoy. 

  • Our honey is 100% Australian.  
  • Honey that meets your specification.  
  • We are experts in the industry and have nurtured personal relationships with our major suppliers. 
  • You can customise your product selection for optimum outcomes. 
  • We deliver in full and on time. 
  • We are 100% Australian-owned and operated. 

Our Manuka Honey comes in a range of active levels/strengths. We can supply good old-fashioned honey if that meets your requirements rather than Manuka.  We also stock a selection of apiary products, and we can deliver all, in bulk, on your schedule.  

With over three decades in the business, we have earned a stellar reputation for our reliability in providing a steady stream of the highest quality 100% Australian Manuka Honey priced for excellent value. Our strict HACCP program, combined with our mastery of the supply chain, means you do not need to worry about supply issues or interruptions to your supply chain.  

Contact AB’s Honey today to discuss your bulk raw honey and bulk manuka honey needs.  We are a proud Australian honey company.

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