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When bees pollinate Leptospermum plant species, the nectar creates Manuka honey. Leptospermum plant species are only found in Australia and New Zealand which is why it is such a desired product – its supply is limited. It also has genuine health benefits when used both as a topical solution or taken internally.  Manuka Honey contains several active ingredients that have been proven beneficial to health.  The “potency” of Australian Manuka honey refers to the quantity of the highly active ingredient Methylglyoxal present in the honey sample.


Manuka Honey MGO Rating

The potency (or activity level of MGO per kg in Manuka honey) can be tested by independent firms.  This allows buyers to know they’re getting exactly what they paid for and for sellers to understand the quality of their product.  This rating system has allowed the industry to regulate the sale of Manuka honey. It isn’t just to protect honey suppliers but also to protect consumers from counterfeit products.  UMF is another system of Manuka classification that is used in New Zealand.

All raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide which means they all have anti-bacterial properties. In addition to MGO Manuka contains leptosin, a substance not found anywhere else on earth, which also boasts medicinal benefits.  Manuka Honey MGO ratings vary – and each one provides you with an insight into what it can offer. A 30+ Manuka is ideal to replace table honey. It offers some health benefits and is suitable for daily use. On the other end of the scale, Manuka Honey MGO 900 plus isn’t for daily internal use. It can, however, be used topically on a daily basis and internally for short-term illnesses.  

Bee collecting pollen from leptospermum or Manuka honey flower


High MGO Honey

There are a wide variety of MGO ratings with the minimum being 30+. It’s commonly used in homes, the hospitality industry, and by health food providers. MGO 100+ is also common in these same industries but is also used by health practitioners, in cough drops, and as preventative medicine.  

When you reach 500+, this is where health care practitioners come into play. MGO 500+ is also used by skin care producers and to produce treatments for a broad selection of health issues. In addition to its nutritional properties, it’s higher in antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties. It’s suitable for topical solutions to clear an infection, whether it is a cut, scrape, or acne. It also provides an immune boost and improves digestion.  

If you are looking for high MGO Honey, then Manuka Honey MGO 900+  is precisely what you need. At a minimum, Manuka Honey with high MGO has to exceed 900+ to be classified as such. Manuka Honey MGO 900+ is preferred by pharmaceutical companies, for wound care, health practitioners, and to produce medicinal skin care products. Manuka MGO 900+ can be used directly on a wound, as well as for a variety of skin conditions from acne to eczema.  

Locating hives where Leptospermum plants are dense will ensure the bees collect nectar and pollen from Manuka plants only, which helps protect the purity. The purest form of Manuka honey is mono-floral which means it is made entirely from the Leptospermum plant family. It is higher in MGO and offers the greatest health benefits.  

Bulk manuka honey supply for purchase

Buy Authentic High MGO Honey in Bulk

Whether you’re a manufacturer of skincare products, supplements, or other products that use high-grade Manuka Honey, we can help.  

AB’s Honey has a ready supply of Manuka Honey with high MGO so you can buy Manuka honey in bulk, with reliable “as you need it” shipping options 

AB’s Honey’s Manuka products are ready to eat, compliant with FSANZ Standard 2.8.2, and authentic – and we use independent labs to provide certification for MGO values. 


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