When it comes to finding a food manufacturing ingredient supplier, choosing the right pathway can be a challenge. How can you ensure you’re getting the best possible value and quality?

Australian raw honey suppliers like AB’s Honey can provide quality wholesale ingredients that support all your manufacturing needs including buying commercial honey in bulk. You can rely on a trusted bulk honey supplier to provide you with honey you’ll love!

Wondering how to choose the best food manufacturing ingredients from a great raw ingredient supplier? Here’s everything you need to know.

Choosing the right honey

Choosing the right honey is an important consideration. It can influence the trajectory of your manufacturing business and the quality of the products you make.

When choosing between food manufacturing ingredient suppliers, you need to look for key quality indicators and commitment to value. This way, you can identify local honey suppliers that will support your goals and serve your needs both now and into the future.

Types of meal delivery companies we can help

At AB’s Honey, we’re proud to support a wide range of food manufacturing businesses, providing great honey they can rely on.

Honey, sesame and soy chicken with vegetables available as a pre-prepped meal delivery

We supply to:

  • Food box companies
  • Ready-made meal companies
  • Meal prep companies
  • Pre-packaged food delivery companies
  • Frozen food manufacturers
  • and many more.

Why AB’s Honey is right for you

AB’s Honey is the perfect choice for all your food manufacturing needs! Our table honey is delicious and affordable, never compromising on quality. Our Manuka honey provides a little something special and packs plenty of incredible flavour! Choosing us as your trusted food manufacturing ingredient supplier offers the following benefits.

Flexible, responsive supply

We know that Australian food manufacturers often experience fluctuations in supply needs, based on order volume or seasonal changes. We offer flexible supply to meet your changing needs – so you’ll never run out of the honey you need, and you’ll avoid an oversupply in your warehouse, taking up valuable cold storage space! Our responsive business model means that we can often provide last-minute honey supply so that stock is never a problem.

Dedicated team

Our dedicated Brisbane-based team are always here to help! We’re proud to be trusted Australian raw honey suppliers. We’ll always help you fulfill your honey needs, and we’ll listen if your honey supply needs change.

Short ingredient list

You need honey, so that’s what we deliver! Our ingredients list is short and simple: 100% pure Australian honey. While imported honey may contain extra ingredients such as rice syrup, our pure honey can give you peace of mind that the product you’re using meets your specifications and protects your reputation as a manufacturer. With AB’s Honey, you can be confident that you’re delivering exactly what you promise on your product labels.

Food box meal delivery inlcuding ingredients like honey and fresh vegetables for meal preparation

No lock-in minimums

Your manufacturing needs might change! We don’t require a lock-in minimum order, so you don’t need to stress about changes to your menu. We’ll adapt our supply to meet your evolving needs. We have no lock-in contracts, instead offering supply on demand. Enterprise-sized orders are no problem!

Ideal sugar replacement

As the market becomes more concerned about healthy choices, natural ingredient suppliers are more popular than ever. Want to meet market demand? Honey is the perfect replacement for sugar! Use it as a natural sweetener and avoid artificial sugars and flavours.

Quality and certification

AB’s Honey is fully insured and HACCP certified. We are specialists in Australian, independently laboratory-tested Manuka and standard varieties of honey, supplied in bulk. We have over 30 years of experience building a reliable and trusted supply chain that always delivers consistently great quality. We even provided high-quality packaging to keep your honey in shape until you’re ready to manufacture your meals!

Broad honey selection

We offer a broad selection of honey variants, so you can always count on finding the flavour you need. We also provide expert advice to help you choose the right honey for your food product. AB’s Honey has the perfect honey solution!

Get started with AB’s Honey today

Ready to find the perfect commercial ingredient supplier? Contact AB’s Honey today to discuss your wholesale honey, bulk honey as an ingredient, and white label honey requirements. We are an Australian honey producer supplying bulk raw honey and bulk manuka honey

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