Manuka Honey Adds Premium Value to Australian Brands

One Ingredient: 500% Increase in Product Sale Price

The secret ingredient in profitable boutique and luxury Australian brands?  Manuka Honey.   Australia’s love affair with Manuka honey is on the rise. Joining lucrative market trends around organic, plant based and paddock to plate products, Manuka’s natural, organic, medicinal value plays a key part in modern consumer decision-making.  And the value is remarkable. 

Want to capitalise on the consumer’s interest in all things health? Add Manuka honey to your product.  For manufacturers already delivering a product containing honey, harness the marketing power of “contains Manuka honey” and your health game with the addition of MGO 30+ Manuka honey.   

Australian Manuka honey manufacturing supplier

As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of pure Australian Manuka, AB’s Honey supplies Manuka powder and Manuka honey in bulk to many of Australia’s leading food, drink, small goods, health care, pet care and personal care manufacturers.  Adding Manuka honey as a point of difference increases your product value by up to 500% in consumer minds.  But first, the market.  How do you successfully add real (and clearly perceived) value to products in uncertain economic times? The Australian consumer market may surprise you. 

Consumer trends in Australia

Globally, consumers are turning to authenticity, truth, social responsibility, environmentalism, social health, collaboration, and individualism as the values that define their purchase-making decisions. (source)   

While the world worries about these uncertain financial times, Australian consumers continue to march to their own drums. 

Australian consumer buying manuka honey products

Key takeaways on consumer trends

The benchmark GFK study of consumer trends in 2023 found that Australian audiences buck the stats when it comes to purchasing with hearts and minds.   

  • An astounding 62% of Australian consumers prioritise products that align directly with their beliefs, values or ideals. (source) 
  • We spend more time at home and give higher priority to family, health and our “home spaces.”  We cook more.  We eat better.  
  • Australians also indulge themselves more than other nations, and 44% of us will spend a considerable amount more if the product aligns with our values.  In short, we’re homebodies who demand value and splurge on things that align with our emotional needs. 

Key triggers for “splurge” spending

While consumer confidence remains low, the emphasis is on brands to provide clear “value and values” alignment for shoppers.  Despite economic concerns, Innova found that Australians’ top reasons to purchase premium products included the below key values.  By including AB’s Manuka honey in your ingredients list, we supply more than just the honey, we bring the brand values. 


Top Value Adding Factors
for Premium Product Purchase

What AB’s Honey Brings to the Table
(Besides the Manuka)

Freshness/ local production 100% Australian produced, packaged and distributed.  Always fresh, it literally doesn’t expire!
Functional ingredients that boost physical health The health benefits of Manuka honey are extensive, well documented and published.
Offers authentic, clear and affordable nutritional benefits All our Manuka honey is independently tested for strength, our proof is your proof.
Adheres with natural or plant based values All our Manuka honey is gently filtered, raw and free from additives.  While not vegan, Manuka honey is a natural alternative to processed sugars.
Produced in “sustainable” circumstances (naturally or technologically based) Australian Beekeepers is a collective of Apiaries where bees access native Australian forests.  We NEED native forests.
Is quick and simple to consume without being “processed” food Nothing simpler than “by the spoon” but our Manuka honey is used in everything from breakfast cereals to high quality meal delivery services.
Brought pleasure either through indulgence or “feel good” social values Nothing added, nothing taken away, our life’s work is to save the trees and save the bees.  And let’s not forget, Manuka honey is utterly delicious.


The business case for Manuka honey in manufacturing

Contribution to business strategy

By including Manuka honey in the manufacturing and marketing of products, the brand aligns with core values currently dictating purchasing decisions in Australia. 


Options to consider

Base Products

By including low MGO Manuka in a product range, brands can benefit from using the name Manuka honey as part of a marketing strategy this can increase product value by up to 500% (see case studies below) 

Premium Products

By including higher strength MGO Manuka in a sub-set of premium products, the brand benefits not only from using Manuka in marketing but from delivering honesty, ethical practices, and total transparency in marketing. 

Custom Products

Custom strength manuka

AB’s Honey have a range of retail ready MGO strengths available (MGO 30+, 100+, 500+, 900+). However, custom MGO strengths are available to meet your specific needs. Talk to us about your business requirements. 

Timescales, costs, and risk management

Australian Beekeeper’s Honey (AB’s Honey) is a bulk Manuka honey supplier with enterprise level supply capacity and options for “as you need it” delivery.  All AB’s Honey is sourced from Australian native forests and apiaries.  When you buy any AB’s Honey, you can be sure that the honey you are purchasing is not an import, that the Manuka honey has been independently analysed for MGO content, is in its unaffected and undiluted raw form and that the honey can be traced back to the original source.  We take food fraud and food security seriously. Our strict adherence to our Food Defence Plan and HACCP program keeps your supply and our industry safe and sustainable. 

We’ve been in business for 30 years and are the trusted supplier to many of Australia’s favourite premium brands. 

Company exploring Manuka Honey use in the manufacturing and marketing of their business.

Product manufacturing categories

After 30 years as a honey retailer and major supplier of honey to Australian manufacturing, we’re more than aware of the brand enhancement potential of both table honey and Manuka in manufacturing.   

Manuka honey for Australian food brands

Key Products:  Breakfast cereals, table honey, cereal bars, yoghurt, deli goods (olives, finger foods, ham and other processed meats), small goods (sausages), sweets, snacks and nuts, bakery items, drinks and teas, alcoholic beverages, sauces and marinades, jams, compotes and spreads, pre-packaged meals, meal delivery services, pet and animal food/treats, and frozen foods. 

Key Health Food Brands: Bliss balls, table honey, bush tucker products, protein rich snacks, natural muesli bars, natural cereals, yoghurt, “Mood Foods”, processed sugar free foods and drinks. 

AB’s Manuka honey for food manufacturers

AB’s Manuka honey is classified by activity level and we’re happy to guide you through the very best choice for your specific manufacturing needs.  We will assist both your product development and marketing teams by providing information relating to Manuka honey and the benefits of including Manuka in your ingredients list. We offer flexible ordering (supply on demand, not on contract) and guarantee fast delivery.  Talk to our team about how AB’s Honey can keep your warehouse clear and your production line full! 

Manuka honey for Australian beauty and skin care brands

Key Products:  Lotions, soaps and bodywashes, natural skincare products, natural beauty products, shampoos and conditioners, acne treatments, moisturisers, pet and animal care products, and hand creams. 

AB’s honey for beauty and skin care manufacturing

You’ll find our Manuka honey in Australia’s leading skincare products and boutique beauty brands. While manufacturers’ product development and marketing teams know what their clientele want and need in their luxury skincare products, we ensure the Manuka honey for your natural skincare or beauty products is of the highest quality and the exact potency required by your business. 

Manuka honey for natural health and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Key Products:  Salves and topical creams, scar tissue regeneration, biofilm protection, burn care, gut health, immune response, anti-inflammatory, over the counter cold and flu treatments, naturopathic treatments, diabetic wound care, MSRA treatments, sore throat and seasonal allergy treatments. You work with the FSANZ and TGA to get your product to market, we supply you with the highest quality Manuka honey with guaranteed MGO levels to include in your product. 

AB’s Honey for natural health and pharmaceutical manufacturing

AB’s Honey provides unprocessed raw honey including Manuka honey for the manufacture of natural or alternative health products as well as supply to pharmaceutical manufacturers.  We also supply private label pure manuka honey to naturopaths, dermatologists, Medi spas and other health practitioners.   

As our honey is supplied raw, you have 100% control of the processing required for your specific healthcare product during your manufacturing process.  We provide on-demand supply and have regular, reliable supply levels for enterprise-sized business.  Our team is based in Brisbane and are happy to answer any questions. 

Manuka increases the value of this product by 500%!

Not in boutique stores.  Not via high end marketplaces.  Right here in Australian supermarket aisles.  Sore throat lozenges labelled as containing Manuka honey sell on average for more than 500% per hundred grams than the non-premium competitors.   

Manufactured Manuka Honey products for sale in leading Australian supermarkets
Manufactured Manuka Honey products for sale in leading Australian supermarkets

And it’s not just branding!  The higher the advertised Manuka content, the higher the “per hundred grams” sale price.   

AB’s Honey helps you manufacture… your way

With total ordering flexibility and a dedicated team of customer service staff based right here in Brisbane’s south, AB’s Honey makes it simple to upscale your Australian manufacturing project and demand bigger returns on your investment.  Want to know how easy?  Get in touch now. 

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