Honey Procurement for Manufacturers

As a leading honey supplier, we provide premium honey in large or small quantities and at excellent value for money.  Just like including pure Australian in your ingredients list, our goal is to enhance your brand value and reputation. Let us solve your procurement problems and keep the production line moving.   


The Manuka Honey Procurement Process

We make securing a reliable and premium quality supply of bulk Manuka Honey simple.  Including powdered Manuka honey. We’ve worked with Australia’s best beekeepers for over thirty years, so our quality and reliability are guaranteed. 

A team member will help you with your honey procurement

STEP 1: Request a copy of our supply guide outlining our delivery and compliance information.

STEP 2: Speak to a member of our team about how we can deliver to your exacting specifications.

STEP 3: Enjoy “no drama” delivery of pure, Australian Manuka honey. 

Get what you need, in the quantity you need, when you need it

From a scheduled, reliable shipment, to “as you need it” supply, AB’s Honey offers you total reliability without warehouse clutter.   

We offer a range of packaging sizes to meet your requirements. From 14kg and 27kg pails, 300kg drums, to bulk supply in 1250kg IBC/Unicon.  Whatever its purpose, your Manuka Honey will be delivered in 100% food grade packaging. 

Honey packaging sizes available for manufacturing procurement

Our flexible supply makes it simple to update your PIM system. Better yet, we provide reliable delivery, and yes, we can keep your supply chain moving rapidly by accommodating JIT processing to help you avoid warehousing insufficiencies. Whether you are looking for large-scale quantities or a small order to avoid gluts, we can help. We can help you balance your inventory with bulk buys and spot purchases for effective warehouse management and demand.  

In addition to offering great value for money, with the best products possible at competitive prices, we are fully compliant with all the Australian standards for risk management, internal compliance, and the governance framework. As a fully insured business with strict HACCP protocols, you can rest assured that we offer only the best quality 100% Australian honey including Manuka. 


Manufacturer honey procurement requirementsThe Right Manuka for your Manufacturing Needs

We supply Australia’s leading manufacturers with Manuka honey as an ingredient.  You’ll find our premium Manuka in breakfast cereals, sauces, beauty products and medical supplements – even in dog treats.  If you are interested in purchasing honey as an ingredient, we offer a wide range of MGO strengths and are happy to provide you with the technical information to ensure you make the correct selection. 



Procurement Resilience

We have a supportive team that works hands-on to help you achieve your goals. For the last thirty years, we have been providing high-quality products and dependable delivery. 

By choosing us, you make a statement to your customers – you only work with ethically produced, Australian business owners who provide quality-controlled products and can reliably deliver on consistency and quality. Our honey is sustainably sourced and minimally processed. And we do everything right here in Australia, so you can keep your carbon footprint low.  

Honey procurement processes

There is no need to worry about bulk product supply or supply chain issues. We specialise in procurement resilience and work with you proactively to support your supply. What better way to build a solid reputation in the business than by working with a single supplier of passionate, professional Australian beekeepers? 

In addition, our HACCP process combined with our food fraud program and approved ingredient procurement supplier process ensures our honey is 100% Australian honey. You do not need to worry about receiving a cheap blended import that has been compromised. Your reputation means everything to your brand, and so does ours. 

Direct Supply From a Local Business

The key to creating happy and loyal customers is by providing reliable products consistently. It is something we have been doing successfully for over three decades -and when you choose to work with us, you can, too. AB’s Honey is an Australian-owned and operated honey business that deals in 100% Australian raw honey including Manuka.  


Start Adding Manuka Value Now

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