Looking for quality honey for food products like breakfast cereals or muesli bars? Honey can boost the value and quality of your breakfast products in many ways. It is used as a sweetener and adds a unique edge to flavour. It also preserves your product whilst giving it valuable health benefits. 

Having a honey ingredient in your product means that you need a reliable supplier. Let’s have a look at honey procurement for the manufacturing of cereals and muesli and how we can get it to your business. 

What are the best flavours and honey varieties for breakfast production?  

We offer a range of honey varieties from environments all over Australia that suit your flavour desires. 

Honey has a wide range of flavours and can affect and enhance the flavour of your cereal or muesli. Our honey varieties are: 

Honey in breakfast cereal manufacture

The nutritional value of honey is something you should consider if you want to enhance the health characteristics of your cereal.  Market your cereal as sugar free and move away from highly processed sweeteners like refined sugar, glycerine, fructose and sucrose and other artificial sweetening products. Lower GI honey like our Yellow Box Honey is a popular food manufacturer choice as it is a great sweetener with health benefits. 

If you want to focus on other flavours of the cereal like coconut or berries, you may want a milder honey like Ironbark. On the other hand, to boost the flavour of your grain or muesli, you could use a honey like Tea Tree. 

Honey can also be used as a texture and aesthetic feature of products.  


Honey used in breakfast cereal manufacture
Honey used in muesli bar manufacturing and production

Manuka Honey for breakfast cereals and health bars

Manuka Honey is a more premium option featuring antioxidant and healing properties as well as vitamins and minerals. Are you appealing to the “health” conscious consumer?  Our MGO 30+ Manuka honey is preferred by many manufacturers when looking to enter the premium market of products containing Manuka.  For added health benefits, use a higher strength Manuka honey in products that are not exposed to high heat during the manufacturing process.  As always, we independently test and certify all of our Manuka honey including lower MGO strengths, and our Manuka is compliant with the FSANZ Standard 2.8.2.  

If you want a specific strength, get in touch and we’ll make it happen. 

What are the issues with using honey in production?

Heating honey too high will cause it to lose its health properties, lowering its quality and value. The storage of your honey supply, and in particular the temperatures it is exposed to whilst stored, can have a detrimental impact. For example, the honey may crystalise, causing issues with returning the honey to its liquid state. 

Exposing Manuka honey to direct heat will cause degradation in the MGO levels. Manuka honey should always be stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources to maintain active MGO levels. 


How can we get AB’s Honey to you?

We have over 30 years experience working with commercial clients of varying sizes, across multiple industries – from small start-ups to large global enterprises.  We have a reliable and trusted honey supply network and are able to deliver our honey to you, across Australia and Internationally.  Our customers can be assured that we work hard to deliver a solution that is tailored to meet their needs – quality, quantity and efficiency.

Australian honey used in muesli bar manufacture


Are you buying honey as an ingredient?  Check out our buyers guide or request a copy of our information pack to learn how AB’s Honey delivery process works. 

Have questions or specific requirements? Get in touch! Our flexible and responsive service ensures you get what you need, when you need it. Order on demand – there are no contracts involved. We make sure that we minimise you honey costs and maximise your profit. 



The quality of our honey supply is something we take great pride in. We have a wide range of sizes in our bulk container selection, from 3kg pails to 300kg drums to 1250 IBC/Unicon containers. See our sizes here. 

We always guarantee availability of supply. On the off chance something unforeseen happens, we make sure that you are informed of our process and standards in good time. There are no unwelcome, last minute surprises with us. 

We are all about protecting honey supply and take the integrity and security of the Australian honey industry very seriously. We guarantee that our honey is 100% Pure Australian – no imported honey, or inferior honey blends which can contain ingredients other than honey.   

All AB’s Honey products comply with the FSANZ Standard 2.8.2. and our Food Defence Plan incorporated with our HACCP program gives you peace of mind that every drop of honey we supply can be tracked, traced, and verified for quality. 

AB’s Honey is proud to be one of Australia’s best honey companies. We take the traditional approach to client service. We serve all kinds of businesses, allowing them to get a better deal as they can buy commercial honey in bulk including bulk raw honey and bulk manuka honey. You can also buy honey powder. So we will find the option that suits you. We’ll supply the best quality honey that perfectly enhances your products and meets your budget.  

Fill out our enquiry form and partner with us to enhance you breakfast products! 


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