Droughts, bushfires, flooding rains … this beautiful country of ours presents frequent challenges for Australian agriculture, horticulture, and apiculture. At AB’s Honey we are well stocked and it’s business as usual. We guarantee supply of exceptional quality honey. To put your mind at ease, here’s how we’re combatting the risks of bulk commercial honey supply issues.

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Australian honey supply issues

Each year brings a new challenge. In 2019/2020 we had extensive bushfires across Victoria and New South Wales. In 2021/2021, hives were swept away in severe flooding. Now, the Department of Primary Industries is working towards eradicating the newly-arrived Varroa mite in NSW before it becomes established. All these events have an impact on bulk honey supply, but with decades of experience to draw from, the Australian honey industry is prepared. AB’s Honey guarantees continuous supply, and Australian honey is still the best honey for your business.

Bulk Honey from AB’s Honey

When we partner with beekeepers, the beekeeper’s family becomes part of our own. When weather events and disasters threatened the livelihoods of our beekeepers, we offered safe storage for their unsold honey at our Capalaba premises. Helping to keep their honey safe secured their next year’s income, and guaranteed that pure Australian honey would remain available to bulk honey buyers. We continue to work closely with our beekeepers. We are in regular communication to ensure we are able to help wherever possible, and plan for changes in supply. We guarantee supply by partnering with beekeepers Australia-wide. Australian beekeepers have weathered many storms, and the unwelcome news that Varroa mite was detected on our shores for the very first time in June 2022 is simply another challenge that our experienced beekeepers are working very hard to overcome.

The best honey for your business is Australian honey

The media would love to make you think the arrival of Varroa mite heralds a honey supply crisis. That is simply not the case. The Department of Primary Industries has established emergency zones around mite detection sites in New South Wales. The mite cannot affect honey, but can affect honey supply, and that is why the honey industry is working hard to eradicate the pest before it can become established. Areas in which the mite has been detected are contained and the hives destroyed. There is a plentiful supply of honey outside these areas of the pure honey variety food producers, manufacturers, retailers, and exporters need for their business.

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Importing honey imports problems

With panic around potential Australian honey supply issues, buyers of bulk Australian honey could be tempted to look overseas. Importing honey imports problems. Consider:

  • It is difficult to regulate overseas honey. It may be of poor quality or blended with honey substitutes. Without regulation, there is no guarantee that the honey you want is the honey you will get.
  • Supply issues may arise through transportation or customs delays. AB’s Honey can guarantee exceptional Australian honey supply. We have honey in stock and ready to be shipped to you in the packaging to meet your requirements – jars, pails, drums, and IBC containers.
  • Australian consumers want Australian products. Societal changes during lockdowns saw a big shift towards supporting Australian producers.
  • Australian honey is clean and pure and, unlike imported honey, we have full traceability.
  • Much of Australia’s agriculture relies on bee pollination. Without an Australian honey industry – and the millions of bees it supports – there is the risk that Australian agriculture will become unsustainable, leading to rising food prices and forced imports.

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