The unique properties of Manuka honey are what makes it such a popular ingredient for many manufacturers. However, finding reliable and ethical Bulk Manuka Honey suppliers in Australia is not always straightforward. Here’s what you need to know about sourcing the best quality Manuka honey in bulk.  


Why the treatment process of Manuka honey is crucial

Treatment and handling process by Manuka Honey Manunfacturers and Suppliers

When looking for bulk Manuka suppliers in Australia, choosing one that prioritises quality and purity over manufacturing speed is essential. It’s important to understand how the Manuka honey you’re sourcing has been purified. Some honey manufacturers heat Manuka honey to high temperatures to stop crystallisation from occurring. The problem is that MGO levels begin to deteriorate when Manuka honey is exposed to temperatures of around 38 degrees Celsius. Heat treatment kills bacteria, enzymes, and over 200 compounds including antioxidants, destroying the potent benefits of Manuka honey. 

Choose bulk Manuka suppliers that preserve the natural power of Manuka honey by only gently warming and filtering the raw honey. Only then will the Methylglyoxal (MGO) levels in the Manuka Honey be maintained and the beneficial properties be retained.  

Choosing the right MGO strength

Manuka honey is a versatile ingredient and comes in a range of strengths to suit a variety of purposes. Strength is determined by the MGO levels present. Developed by Professor Thomas Henle, the MGO rating system measures the amount of MGO per kilogram of Manuka honey. The stronger the rating, the higher the medicinal properties. 

Low strength MGO 30+ to MGO 250+

Low strength Manuka honey is used as an active or inactive ingredient in a variety of human and animal food products. It is suitable for daily consumption.

Mid strength MGO 300+ to MGO 550+

Mid strength Manuka is used as an active ingredient in therapeutic products and can be used on a longterm basis. Ideal for skin care ranges and products intended for treatment of mild bacterial infections, e.g. lozenges and topical ointments 

High strength MGO 700+ to MGO 900+

With a high level of bioactivity and potent natural enzymes, high strength Manuka honey is a medicinal ingredient appropriate for short-term use, whether ingested or applied topically. 

Make purity and authenticity a priority

The risk of food fraud is unfortunately all too real, particularly when it comes to Manuka suppliers. Australia is home to some of the finest Manuka manufacturers in the world, but it’s important to do your research. 

Cheap Manuka honey may be blended with non-Manuka honey. AB’s Honey are regularly audited and our honey is independently analysed.  We guarantee that the product you order is the product you receive, not some inferior substitute. 

When sourcing bulk Manuka, always check the country of origin. It’s improbable that the honey is genuine Manuka if purchased from a country other than Australia or New Zealand. All AB’s Honey is ethically sourced 100% pure Australian honey. Our Food Defence Program and HACCP program protects you, us, and the wider Australian honey industry.   

Does the Manuka honey you’re sourcing have a genuine MGO rating? Every batch of our Manuka honey undergoes independent lab testing and MGO analysis to ensure you receive the highest quality product with a guaranteed MGO rating. 

Bulk manuka honey supply for purchase

Our honey is available in a range of packaging and bulk honey purchase options and we will work with you to meet your bulk Manuka Honey supply requirements.

Bulk Manuka suppliers you can rely on

Our Manuka honey is gently filtered, stored away from heat sources, independently laboratory tested for MGO, and complies with FSANZ Standard 2.8.2.  Unadulterated, free from additives and artificial flavourings, and ready for consumption, the purity and potency of our Manuka honey is our highest priority and should be the mark of any Manuka supplier.  


Contact us now to discuss your bulk Manuka honey needs.  

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