Private and white label honey can provide you with excellent business opportunities! But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right product?

When you know what’s available and how white label honey supply works, you can prepare for success and choose the best honey with the highest possible quality.

Wondering how to successfully secure excellent private label honey supply? Here’s what you need to know.

Why should you white label honey?

White label honey (also known as private label honey) has many incredible benefits that can help you grow your business and offer consistently high-quality products to your consumer base.

Long shelf life

One of the best benefits that honey can offer is its long shelf life. Honey is considered a safe food and when stored correctly does not spoil.

An extended shelf life means that you can keep using and selling your white label honey over a long period without worrying that time will compromise the quality you provide – or lead to stock issues!

Incredible ROI

Honey can provide excellent return on investment, making honey private label supply a great business choice. It’s easy to showcase high-quality products and achieve incredible earnings on the products you sell.

Currently, there is a strong market for raw Australian honey products, and customers are willing to pay for quality. White label Manuka honey is especially popular with many consumers carefully evaluating the strengths and benefits of the honey they purchase, often paying high prices for the best.

In-demand product

In today’s market, pure Australian honey is in demand! This makes honey a fantastic white label product. As consumers become more focused on cooking healthy meals from scratch, the individual ingredients they choose need to align with their wellness goals. Honey is a popular ingredient choice for families and individuals as it is a natural and nutritious alternative to sugar.

Manuka honey on sale at Woolworths May 2023

When you provide your customers with honey they love, they’ll come back for more again and again. Grow your business and develop a loyal customer base with white label honey.

Easy branding and packaging

White label honey makes branding and packaging easy! You can easily rebrand honey and derivative products to display your logo and product information. This way, you can sell private label honey as your own.

For ecommerce, you can also rely on private label honey to provide you with sturdy packaging suitable to survive transport. This means you can guarantee a positive experience for your buyers.

Diverse product line

Honey is incredibly diverse! Private label Manuka honey is the perfect choice to add to your product line. Available in range of MGO strengths, quality Manuka could easily be the basis for an entire new product line that represents your business well.

Unlabelled Manuka honey in a variety of strengths

What can you expect?

When you choose white label honey, you can expect a smooth process from start to finish!

At AB’s Honey, we can package honey in a range of packaging sizes to meet your requirements and can apply your labels. We will provide you with the packaging and label specifications available (see AB Honey Label Specifications 2022).

Our expert team will help you find the honey you need and navigate the private label process with confidence so that you can quickly and easily incorporate honey products for your business.

Honey packaging available

Why choose AB’s Honey?

There are so many reasons to choose AB’s Honey!

We offer flexible supply and a responsive approach. Even when you need last-minute stock, we can help, ensuring you never run out of the honey you need.

AB’s Honey is fully insured and HACCP certified. We are honey specialists, committed to delivering Australian honey and independently tested Manuka.

With over 30 years of experience building a trusted supply chain for the best-quality honey, we work with you to deliver excellent results that help you achieve your white label sale goals. Explore our food-safe, high quality Manuka and table honey today.

Contact AB’s Honey today to discuss your wholesale honey, honey in bulk as an ingredient, and white label honey requirements. We are an Australian honey producer supplying bulk raw honey, bulk manuka honey and natural honey powder.

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