Between skin ailments, microbial infections and inflammatory issues, Manuka honey is a key active medicinal for every naturopath or herbalist. So why is high-quality, medicinal Manuka so difficult to procure? Why is it already “productised” with additives or at over-inflated prices? Whether you’re prescribing raw Manuka honey for home use or producing Manuka elixirs or Manuka poultices for clients, securing a reliable, pure Manuka honey source just got easier.

White Label Manuka for Naturopaths, Herbalists and Wholesalers

We supply pure Australian honey in the medicinal grade that your clients need. Our 100% certified Manuka honey can be “white labeled” so you can provide clients with the very best quality from your own private label collection. How?

  1. Choose the MGO strength of the Manuka honey you’re prescribing to clients. Our Manuka comes in a range of strengths from MGO 30+ to MGO 900+, from daily immune boosting to powerful MGO 900+.
  2. Choose the jar size (from 250 gram to 1kg).
  3. Choose the order quantity (minimum order is by the carton). Orders under 280kg may incur a batch fee.
  4. Using our labelling specification sheet for dimensions, provide your label artwork to your label supplier and you’ve got yourself independently tested white-labelled Manuka honey, ready to supply direct to clients.
  5. Price your new private label healthcare product to meet your client and business needs.
Medicinal manuka MGO strengths available
Medicinal manuka white label packaging sizes
Boxes being filled on a conveyor belt

Wholesale Manuka Honey for Elixir, Oxymel and Poultice Production

The pure, perfect choice for herbalists and natural therapists creating their own therapeutic products, our bulk wholesale Manuka honey gives you reliable supply without compromising quality or purity.


Medicinal manuka honey for naturapath and herbalist formulations

All our Manuka honey comes with guaranteed, independently tested certification of strength, so you can produce powerful elixirs, oxymel syrups or poultices that your clients need. 

Order on demand, with no lock-in contracts – simply secure a reliable supply of pure, verified Manuka honey when you need it.

Why choose AB’s Honey as your Manuka Honey Supplier?

You’re working with authentic Australian beekeepers, not a “factory honey farm”

AB’s Honey collects pure Manuka from beekeepers located in native Leptospermum forests.

Superior quality Manuka supply at reasonable prices

Yes, we’ve seen that one brand of Manuka honey for sale at around $600 a kilo. We know that the market is hungry for it. We know all about the problems with price inflation in our industry, you don’t need to tell us.

Manuka honey is more expensive than table honey because Manuka is produced only in Leptospermum forests. The variety of Leptospermum, the density of the flowers, and even the aspect of the flowers selected by the bees make a big difference to the amount of active MGO per kilogram of honey produced.

So yes, it’s more expensive than regular honey. But our Manuka honey costs far less than the commercial prices seen in major retailers. We understand that if you’re buying wholesale Manuka honey or creating a private Manuka honey label, you need to make a healthy profit on your products.

Nothing added, only beeswax taken away

Honey doesn’t need preservatives. All we do is light filtering, that’s it. You’re guaranteed pure Manuka honey.

We assess it for purity and quality for you

Our Manuka honey is independently tested for active ingredient purity. That’s not just VITAL for your clients’ health, it’s vital for your legal labelling protection.

Testing for purity and strength of medicinal manuka honey

Potency is everything in therapeutic Manuka honey

Getting the right MGO strength is vital to your patient care. Precision prescribing may make all the difference to your patient’s health. Potency diminishes with exposure to heat. The strength of your Manuka at assessment is the strength in the jar or pail.

Manuka honey supply to meet your demand

As one of Australia’s leading Manuka honey suppliers, we can deliver pure Manuka honey in pails as you need them, or in larger production quantities. We can do private label Manuka honey in jars by the carton, or in pallet quantities. And we do it when you need it. No lock in contracts.

Manuka honey has a long shelf life – however, we do recommend properly stored Manuka honey be used within 24 months to ensure MGO strength remains unchanged. Don’t worry, we’re always here when you need a restock. In fact, we’ve been Australia’s leading honey supplier to health food manufacturers and for private-label Manuka skin care products for decades.

Are we the right Manuka honey supplier for your clinic?

Talk to us. You’ll know. We’re passionate about all our honey varieties, from our golden Macadamia honey to our powerful Manuka. We understand the healing powers of honey and we’re always happy to discuss your Manuka honey supply challenges.

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